At the dawn of time there was nothing. Then there was Red Hat Linux. An a-bun-dance of users flocked to the distribution.

Not because it was the cutting edge Linux distribution.

Not because it was the best around.

But for only two reasons:



It came with intermission and a good time. These images, known now as the Holy Pngs, would go down in history as the beginning of a meme, an obsession even, among generations of future Linux users. The Beefy Miracle was born.

Decades went by and His Meatiness faded in to obscurity, forgotten as Red Hat Linux was replaced by Fedora Core then Fedora until one day when the current curator of His Meatiness's scriptures, Sir William Woods, rediscovered the Holy Pngs in a beef and bacon induced trip, and brought His Meatiness back in to public favour with his inscriptions of the lore and imagery from the Holy Png on his Fedora People space.

At this point, His Meatiness re-entered the distribution. As the Fedora logo is a trademark, folks making derivatives of Fedora could not legally redistribute the logo. An alternative was sought, and His Meatiness presented a solution as He always does. At the heat of a thousand hot dog cookers, the generic-logos package was forged, and from it came The Beefy Miracle's rise to fame and glory as an icon and spiritual leader of The Fedora Project.

While His Meatiness had made his way in to the distribution, He was for the most part, still a bit of an injoke among a small group of contributors. There were Features which hoped to return His Meatiness to his former glory, but His wonders never reached full recognition. This changed in early 2011 when a core of contributors meating at the Fedora User and Developer Conference held in Tempe, Arizona --- a prime cookout location, incidentally --- decided to give The Beefy Miracle the limelight he deserved. Tee Shirts, wallpapers, beefy beefy goodness.

From there, His Meatiness's wonders took off to a soaring height. The glory days fortold in the original Red Hat Linux images had come to fruition. Our new God had arrived. Limbo was over.

There was a close defeat in the 16th naming vote, however His people prevailed in the 17th Release. His people quickly began planning the release parties, for summer was approaching! There will be rejoicing in the streets, and the smell of His glorious roasted flesh will fill the air.